Hi! Welcome to my Country Wonderland blog! 

I am Sennette, a writer by desire and a mother by sheer luck. I have a teenager, two preteen step children, two dogs that call me mom and a husband who hasn’t proposed yet.

I love the simplicity of older times but the convenience of the rapid response of technology. I’m conflicted in location and stuck in the high taxed, overly populated state of New Jersey. Once school for the kids is done, I’m outta here!! You’ll find me on some freshwater lakeside cabin where I can live off the land but still get to the nearest ULTA or Sephora for my Better than Sex mascara and my Urban Decay Naked palette.

It’ll be me with a few acres of solitude with as many dogs as my husband will allow and a bait caster fishing pole. You’ll know it’s my place from the smell of homemade dinners and oatmeal cookies for my unofficial hubby. 

And you’ll hear me coming to the mall in my 4 wheel drive truck equipped with a sweet diesel engine. Because I’m just a bit of class with a wild country heart.