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Thor, named for the meaning found in Wikipedia, “a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of all of humankind, is a tiny terror when it comes to bed stuffing. See exhibit A below:


I am on # 3 so far. Yes, my precious love muffin has tested my DIY skills three times over in less than a month.

I’ve resorted to fixing the beds by covering with fabric from my local Wal-mart. I typically only purchased whatever was on sale. Since I have only done this three times and spent less than $5 on each dog bed resurfacing, I’m not being very picky.

So here’s one… with my little Thor peacefully enjoying the comforts of my first dog bed makeover. Which he has not nibbled at yet. (Check out the dog toys – those are my homemade dog toys I did a few nights ago… you’ll see the same fabric in the third remake of beds in a moment).


So dear Thor, slayer of dog beds, has struck one more time while being left home to roam the house for hours. Exhibit A above is the same as Exhibit B below (just the stuffing has been tossed out). Notice the holes completely through? He really did a number on this one! I bet he was so proud of himself.


Here I go again! So tonight I went looking for the fabric I had left over from the dog toys I made to see if any of the scraps would fit. Well guess what, they wouldn’t cover more than half of the bed unless put together. See Exhibit C. Yes, that’s me hand sewing two fabric scraps together. Why am I hand sewing you ask? Whelp,  I have no idea where my sewing machine is at. Probably the storage unit with my snow pants and other cold weather items.


I added some extra stuffing and did the ‘no sew’ method around the edges… trust me… this is easy peasy when you have odd bed shapes for dogs. Plus, hand sewing would have taken an eternity for me to do. My patience, skill level and my short, easily distracted attention span would have taken over and the dogs would be laying on pins. In all seriousness, the bed is done and Ralphie (the best NON-CHEWING NON-DESTRUCTIVE dog ever) is snoozing away on it.


I do still need to trim the edges to make the knots look even, BUT the DIY revised dog bed is done. I am really hoping I never have to redo another dog bed again, but I rather redo the beds than sand and stain my dining room table. That’s a Thor tale for another day, but a snippet of what’s to come, he ate the wood leg on my pretty dining room table. At least he’s become wiser … he ate all the evidence. GASP!


My first blog

I’m writing a blog. I know, it isn’t that out of the ordinary. Anymore, I’m just following in the footsteps of all the other crazy bloggers. Will mine be any different? Who the hell knows. But I can assure you it’ll be real. Maybe even worth it for you to subscribe and follow me to see the next tidbit of randomness.

I have a puppy who just got his balls chopped off two days ago. I had to do it. There wasn’t another moment I could take watching him ball up a blanket and go at it. For the love of all things soft, he was going to town. Pillows, beds, towels. Whatever he could get his hump on. And now, sudden peace. No more humping. Honestly, I’m just thankful he didn’t go at it with my older male dog. Now that would have likely resulted in a serious relationship break between the two of them. It’s all fun and games until the newly adopted brother tries to butt fuck you.

So it has been a tremendously hump free Thanksgiving. Nothing but a doggie cone and some anti inflammatory medication here. And lots of sleep. I shall sit here and ponder my food comma. I ate too much but that’s required on this thankful day.

I have a life that’s never dull and I enjoy it immensely.

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