I’m writing a blog. I know, it isn’t that out of the ordinary. Anymore, I’m just following in the footsteps of all the other crazy bloggers. Will mine be any different? Who the hell knows. But I can assure you it’ll be real. Maybe even worth it for you to subscribe and follow me to see the next tidbit of randomness.

I have a puppy who just got his balls chopped off two days ago. I had to do it. There wasn’t another moment I could take watching him ball up a blanket and go at it. For the love of all things soft, he was going to town. Pillows, beds, towels. Whatever he could get his hump on. And now, sudden peace. No more humping. Honestly, I’m just thankful he didn’t go at it with my older male dog. Now that would have likely resulted in a serious relationship break between the two of them. It’s all fun and games until the newly adopted brother tries to butt fuck you.

So it has been a tremendously hump free Thanksgiving. Nothing but a doggie cone and some anti inflammatory medication here. And lots of sleep. I shall sit here and ponder my food comma. I ate too much but that’s required on this thankful day.

I have a life that’s never dull and I enjoy it immensely.