Ever notice the real reasons traditions get started? Yea I don’t think about it either. I just do them because it’s the norm. But truly, traditions are interesting.

You have the family traditions which started out as your great (8 times over) grandmother baking a pumpkin pie on thanksgiving and now you do it as well.

It took a genius marketing advertisement by a brilliant person to set off the engagement ring phenomenon. Thanks De Beers. All women love you for the diamond they have and all men curse you because we women know the history but still want the bling anyway. And a CZ just won’t cut it. So suck it up. Society tradition rule… follow De Beers and know that the only way to truly show you love your gal it so ‘put a ring on it’.

And it took one company the idea to kick off the true holiday season with sales the day after thanksgiving to bring their profit margins from red to black. I think this happened in Philly first if I recall it correctly. The shop owner for several years noticed higher foot traffic then usual the day after you stuff yourself and BAM… Black Friday Sales! Whomever this genius was seriously took part in one of the most crazy shopping days of the year. Friends go out together as tradition year after year. They don’t mind waiting in long lines, accidentally on purpose tripping that poor fellow who just hasn’t got the fast moves and is blocking your way from being in and out and onto your way of the next sale.

And then there’s the tradition that baffles me… Sitting on Santa’s lap. I had a photo pop up in my news feed from years ago of my daughter and her friend sitting on the holiday icons lap. Each of the girls had a Santa leg. But why? I naturally consulted the Oracle of Google. Which I didn’t find the answer easily… honestly I gave up reading after 3 articles didn’t have what I wanted. So I put my own brain to use… clearly there isn’t a reason behind it other than “tradition”. What I figured out was it was easiest for little kids to reach the jolly dudes ear. And. Then. It. Stuck. So just like that, I believe it began a pedophile’s dream job. But we won’t talk about that… this is about traditions!

Traditions are awesome. I love them. But I think you should understand why they happen and how. Then pass it on so it isn’t lost in years to come. Traditions give a person something to look forward to. Something to remember. Even something to build upon. Enjoy them. And keep them going!