I like to experiment and test things out!1124161810a-1 You’ll see random updates as I work my way through self teaching of culinary fundamentals. The majority will be from my own brain with a bit of help from the culinary textbook ‘On Cooking’. And I have to admit, my great grandmother, granny and mother have taught me a lot as well. Plus I’m a perfectionist so I stalk my food. No burnt cookies here. Ever. Okay, maybe not ever because I am a bit scattered and distracted A LOT so it has been known to happen.

The photo you see here is from my Granny’s birthday cake. She didn’t want “no dumb cake” so I whipped up some cream puffs in four flavors, hit a toy store for a Western horse and cut one of the boxes I was supposed to use for moving to make a birthday cake that wasn’t like one she’s ever seen.

It was a huge hit. She took the whole box home. I had to print a photo I took on my cell and off she went to show off her ‘birthday cake’. I hope I’m still that cute when I am 40 years older.

This moment is what started my idea of blogging about the things I might experiment with and learn throughout my culinary journey. Enjoy!

PS – I’ll post the cream puff recipe the next time I make them (in a couple weeks for a holiday party). This way I can show you step by step how to do it. Everyone loves visual images when baking! (Okay, maybe not everyone, but I sure do!)