SMILO 11/21/16

The second SMILO is here! I don’t know what I was thinking by picking a weekly blog let alone on a MONDAY! Goodness me, this wasn’t my most brilliant idea I’ve had to date. Any who, let’s get down to business… Let the SMILO (Sennette’s MonDay in the Life Of – if you already forgot or missed the first one with the explanation) begin!

I’ve worked for TD for over 16 years now. I started as a Customer Service Representative in the Stratford NJ location (at the time – it was Commerce). I’ve held a bunch of roles throughout the years. Each and every one allowed me to learn more about the bank and my love for our culture has never wavered.

I received a call late last week regarding my TD credit card. It can be easily forgotten how much behind the scenes work is conducted to make your personal information safe. I don’t know all the algorithms used or understand the whole technical aspect of how a credit card works, but I do know this… The folks at TSYS & our US Bankcard team are top notch.

I was sitting at my desk in the 12000 building on a conference call and my personal cell rang. Of course I let it go to voicemail – not because I was on a call to be honest, because it was an 855 #. If I don’t know you, I reject you. This only works since it is my personal cell. I obviously would never reject a number at work I didn’t know. (or would I – you shall never know). After my call was over, I dialed my voicemail. It was a TD representative asking for a call back ASAP as there was suspected fraud on my account.

As any person would be leery (so I hope) I Google the 855 #. And a bunch of “this isn’t TD Bank. Do not call the # back” notes appeared. Being the intelligent person I am – I call the # anyway. And as they start asking me a TON of personal questions, I start to panic. And instant message a friend in the US Bankcard group… to ensure I am okay and not opening myself up to more potential fraud. Number confirmed, I am all safe! But let me be a guide to you… just flip your card over and call the # on the back. Less worrisome. Truly.

So I speak with this wonderfully kind woman, whose name at the moment escapes me, and she starts walking through some rather interesting charges. I can’t exactly type them on a work blog – I’ll just put one out there because it just helps the story – Nudity Jeans (really folks!?!). So there we have it, $1000 bucks in erroneous charges in less than two days’ time. And the only reason they were caught was because of the settings TD has that a normal person wouldn’t even know about and probably don’t think much of it. You just swipe and go. Or insert and go now.

I was lucky they caught them. As we were on the phone more charges were coming through (and these aren’t small amounts – the one that was newly coming was $236 for those interesting jeans).

There’s some dispute paper work coming to my home address and a new card. In the meantime I am without a credit card. No Amazon shopping for me at the moment. GASP!

My SMILO is a smiling nod at the US Bankcard team. You really do make TD a better place to bank. I thank you!

And for my blog reading friends – remember to check your statement as often as possible and only call #s on the back of your card for your own well-being.